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Hello There!

I'm IowanEASFan, a participant in the GWES EAS Relay Network. I'm based in west-central Iowa, am a radio enthusiast, and a bit of a techie. As you can tell by the aesthetics of this page, I'm also a Web 1.0 fanatic.

My stream consists of music you'd probably hear on your local college radio station. I play pop, alternative, and a little bit of metal. I've been expanding my collection to include more alternative and metal, especially because ERN's previous metal station switched formats.

EAS Equipment

For equipment, I have a Sage EAS Endec (left) that powers my ERN stream.
I also have a Burk EAS (right) that sits idle, waiting to be given a go with a shotgun.

(IMG: Front of my Sage) (IMG: Front of my Burk)

Service Area

Location: Woodbury, IA

Local Coverage Area - WXL62

Cherokee, IA (019035)
Ida, IA (019093)
Monona, IA (019133)
O'Brien, IA (019141)
Plymouth, IA (019149)
Sioux, IA (019167)
Woodbury, IA (019193)
Dakota, NE (031043)
Dixon, NE (031051)
Thurston, NE (031173)
Union, SD (046127)

Map: NWS Map

Local Coverage Area - WNG668

Carroll, IA (019127)
Crawford, IA (019047)
Ida, IA (019093)
Monona, IA (019133)
Sac, IA (019161)
Shelby, IA (019165)

Map: NWS Map

Extended Coverage

These are transmitters I may monitor during severe weather.

KXI21 Yankton, SD - Cedar, NE (031027), Knox, NE (031107), Bon Homme, SD (046009), Clay, SD (046027), Hutchinson, SD (046067), Turner, SD (046125), Yankton, SD (046135) - NWS Map

WXK84 Fort Dodge, IA - Calhoun, IA (019025), Humbolt, IA (019091), Pocahontas, IA (019151), Webster, IA (019187) - NWS Map

WXL77 Norfolk, NE - Cedar, NE (031027), Cuming, NE (031039), Dixon, NE* (031051), Madison, NE (031119), Pierce, NE (031139), Stanton, NE (031167), Thurston, NE* (031173), Wayne, NE (031179) - NWS Map

* overlaps with WXL62 or WNG668


1: WXL62 (NWR)
2: KSUX-FM (LP2)
3: Currently empty
4: SiriusXM CH.1 (PEP)
6: KDSN-FM (WNG668)

Relayed Alerts


- Emergency Action Notification

- Emergency Action Termination

- National Information Center

- National Periodic Test


- Administrative Message

- Network Message Notification

- Required Monthly Test

Civil Messages

- 911 Telephone Outage Emergency

- Child Abduction Emergency

- Civil Danger Warning

- Civil Emergency Message

- Hazardous Materials Warning

- Immediate Evacuation

- Law Enforcement Warning

- Local Area Emergency

- Nuclear Power Plant Warning

- Radiological Hazard Warning

- Shelter in Place Warning

Local Weather

- Flash Flood Watch

- Severe Thunderstorm Watch

- Tornado Watch

- Blizzard Warning

- Flash Flood Warning

- Severe Thunderstorm Warning

- Tornado Warning

Other Weather

- Hurricane Watch

- Severe Thunderstorm Watch

- Tornado Watch

- Blizzard Warning

- Hurricane Warning

- Severe Thunderstorm Warning

- Tornado Warning

- Tropical Storm Warning

- Tsunami Warning

Other Notes

Weekly tests are relayed from WXL62 every Wednesday near 11 AM CST, self-originated every Saturday when I remember

My secondary stream relays weather alerts for my local area only and does not relay ERN alerts

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