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Hello There!

I'm IowanEASFan, a participant in the GWES EAS Relay Network. I'm based in west-central Iowa, am a radio enthusiast, and a bit of a techie. As you can tell by the aesthetics of this page, I'm also a Web 1.0 fanatic.

My stream consists of music you'd probably hear on your local college radio station. I play pop, alternative, and a little bit of metal. I've been expanding my collection to include more alternative and metal, especially because ERN's previous metal station switched formats.

EAS Equipment

For equipment, I have a Sage EAS Endec (left) that powers my ERN stream.
I also have a Burk EAS (right) that I use for my secondary stream.

(IMG: Front of my Sage) (IMG: Front of my Burk)

Service Area

Location: Woodbury, IA
Local Area: Iowa (Cherokee, Ida, Monona, O'Brien, Plymouth, Sioux, Woodbury)
Nebraska (Dakota, Dixon, Thurston)
South Dakota (Union)


1: WXL62 (IA)
3: SiriusXM (US)
4: Crossroads (GA)
6: KMSX2 (Local)

Relayed Alerts


- Emergency Action Notification

- Emergency Action Termination

- National Information Center

- National Periodic Test


- Administrative Message

- Network Message Notification

- Required Monthly Test

Civil Messages

- 911 Telephone Outage Emergency

- Child Abduction Emergency

- Civil Danger Warning

- Civil Emergency Message

- Hazardous Materials Warning

- Immediate Evacuation

- Law Enforcement Warning

- Local Area Emergency

- Nuclear Power Plant Warning

- Radiological Hazard Warning

- Shelter in Place Warning

Local Weather

- Flash Flood Watch

- Severe Thunderstorm Watch

- Tornado Watch

- Blizzard Warning

- Flash Flood Warning

- Severe Thunderstorm Warning

- Tornado Warning

Other Weather

- Hurricane Watch

- Severe Thunderstorm Watch

- Tornado Watch

- Blizzard Warning

- Hurricane Warning

- Severe Thunderstorm Warning

- Tornado Warning

- Tropical Storm Warning

- Tsunami Warning

Other Notes

Weekly tests are relayed from WXL62 every Wednesday near 11 AM CST, self-originated every Saturday when I remember

My secondary stream relays alerts for my local area only and does not relay ERN alerts

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